Design To Thrive And Change Your Life

Design To Thrive And Change Your Life

When I meet with my private clients for the first time, I enter into their home and learn the way they live, it is a very personal experience for all of us.

Take my recent clients Vicki and Dean, they are a retired couple with an autistic son who visits on the weekends and grandchildren they look after. They have a large 4 Bedroom, 4 living room home. After talking to them for an hour we discovered they really only used 2 rooms, their bedroom which they slept in and the media room which they sat in. They were essentially living in a dark box.

I found myself actually concerned for them that in this large amazing home their quality of life was in question just as they were about to embark on retirement. When they realised this you should have seen the look on their faces, they were in shock! I assured them not to be alarmed and it will be my job to fix it. We were going to completely redo and restyle the front grand lounge room making it much more inviting and able for Dean to sit and listen to his music and Vicki to entertain friends. This was the perfect place to start as it is the first room of the house that you see when you walk in and it was one of the biggest spaces of all with great natural light so it would be lovely for them to use.

Vicki had collected a beautiful oriental piece that reminded her of her childhood and it quickly became the inspiration of our oriental design, then we got a roll on. They were ready for their new lease on life and I was inspired and challenged to deliver a space that not only had form but function.

Check out how their mood boards translated to their furniture selection below.

Design To Thrive And Change Your Life

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Kassandra Richards, an award winning Design Director and Lead Artisan, is known for her unparalelled attention to detail and quality of work.

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