Interior Design Crossing The Line

Interior Design Crossing The Line

During the design phase of a space I often find it can cross the line into full blown art. When I embarked on a client’s high-end home 5 years ago, I had no idea that I would be creating sculptures, installing my own unique art and designing furniture. It has been a wild ride! My clients have been amazing and I must say we have been on quite a journey together.

I walked into their ‘now home’ 5 years ago (before the lock up stage), and I was over-whelmed with the overall space and sheer size of this acreage home. There was a plan which had a great layout, although it didn’t really go beyond that. There were 2 kitchens to design, a bar area, a theatre, walk-in robe and office space and this was just the cabinetry. After finally getting doors on the place, tiles on the floor and a butlers kitchen in, the family got to start using their space. Although we were nowhere near done and we hadn’t even embarked on the exterior.

It has been a true master piece room by room, piece by piece we have slowly manifested rooms into works of art. I plan to slowly unravel this monumental beauty of the next couple of months but let me first take you down the journey of a simple bedroom wall. When my client mentioned red and mirror in the same sentence I had anxiety but I soon got to work and created a true work of art. Their 3 metre high x 6 metre wide wall with hidden entry ways and side tables was a mathematical anomaly. We had to allow for a european king bed, 2 door ways, power outlets, inbuilt lighting and switches along with bedside tables. It was all trial and no room for error.

Happy Tweaqing.

Kassandra Richards, an award winning Design Director and Lead Artisan, is known for her unparalelled attention to detail and quality of work.

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