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Living The Dream

Living The Dream

Living the dream.

When Michelle and Dean asked me to finish off what had been a labour of love for them over the past 17 years I couldn’t resist. They had acquired a small old weather board home on a large leafy block across from a lagoon in the Blue Mountains and Dean a cabinet maker by trade had slowly extended to create their family home. Most of the bones were already there when I walked in, what they lacked was the details.

I got to know Dean more with his love for creating and knowledge of his craft along with Michelle with her love for all things natural but still a modern edge. I slowly realised that this would not only be a design journey for me but one for them as well and Dean in particular with his amazing talents.

I designed pieces that Michelle and I loved and Dean crafted that were not only statements in their home but items that were connect to those that dwell there. These beautiful creations from furniture to lighting were break throughs for myself as a designer and Dean as a craftsman.

The three of us step by step marked and fixed in memories to their home that would dwell for years to come and brought to completion what Michelle and Dean had dreamed of for the last 17 years. These were no longer just clients but friends and it was an absolute blessing to watch them living the dream.

Check Kassandra Richards designs and art prints and Dean Hulbert’s crafted pieces below along with their beautiful home.

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Kassandra Richards, an award winning Design Director and Lead Artisan, is known for her unparalelled attention to detail and quality of work.

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