The Language Of The Design Process

The language of the design process.

There are 3 levels of communication when it comes to both design and commissioned art, verbal, visual and continual and there are 4 stages of the process – concept, documentation, construction and completion.

Clients have a vision for their space, they just can’t communicate it, and they don’t know what it really looks like, but they know how it feels.

It is my job as a designer and artesian to translate this into the language of the design process. At the concept stage I do this not only by communicating on a verbal level with an in depth brief of everything we have spoken about but I also do this on a visual level by creating mood/concept boards to convey what I have understood.

The design direction can evolve from a certain piece that they already own, by working out how they want to use their space to it’s optimal level or if it is a commercial premises simply from images they have collected of different spaces.

From here it is my job to create a unique style and ambiance that is catered to them personally. This process confirms that I have understood the vision for their space and confirms for me the direction we should be going for stage 2 – documentation.

Once the above is complete it’s time to move into construction and communicate with your trades. If your documentation, plans and selection are clear you should not receive too many phone calls. The quicker you get back to your client and trades, the quicker the job moves along. Open lines with your trades and client at this point are integral to your time line, budget and the design process. Many changes can take place on-site due to unforeseen obstacles, such as plumbing or electrical. If you don’t have an open line to both your trades and your client it can end up one big mess. Clients appreciate transparency and trades appreciate trouble shooters so it is a sure way to keep everyone happy and on track to completion.

Finally, as a last port of call I check in with my client once everything is complete, to make sure that the vision has been passed down the line correctly and everyone understands what and why this finished look is what it is. Things can change along the way with construction but the important thing is to have a line of communication open at all times ensuring a smooth ride.

These are my secrets to good design – Its all in the language.

Check out the design process below for Inskin Cosmetics HQ that was executed from concept to completion!

Click here to see the full portfolio. 

Happy Tweaqing!

Kassandra Richards, an award winning Design Director and Lead Artisan, is known for her unparalelled attention to detail and quality of work.

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